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Gregintech can securely provide you from any model of LCD screen that you are looking for, in monitors or TV sets, to the complete solution of video wall and from any requirement. You can ask us from the size, global dimensions of the video wall, available space, resolution or any other physical or electrical parameter, we will always find the solution matching your needs.

Moreover, like we dedicate ourselves to the video wall technology, we are specialists in screens with the minimum bezel which results in a minimal seamless when installing more than one screen side by side in any direction.

For this, we are working in direct collaboration with the biggest manufacturers as well as with many others specialists in order to select among the biggest range and availability from standard or professional ranges and always to answer any demand.

LCD Screens and Walls

General Characteristics:

   - Diagonal: 15" to 82".
   - Resolution: VGA (640x480p) to Quad-HD (3840x2160p).
   - Screen Ratio: 17:9 to 5:4.
   - Input Signals: DVI, HDMI, RGBHV, RGBs, Video Composite, S-Video,...
   - Output Signals: DVI, RGBHV, RGBs, Video Composite, S-Video,...
   - Control Mode: Remote Control IR, RS232 or LAN.