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Gregintech provides Plasma screens per unit or per quantity up to video wall solutions. We can do you proposals of any model or brand available on the consumer or professional market.

The plasma technology is mainly used in the multimedia area or for demonstrations and conferences in order to display presentations or videos, thanks to its hot colors and good refresh rate.

We are working in direct collaboration with the biggest manufacturers in order to insure you the best service and an excellent quality.

Plasma Screens and Walls

General Characteristics:

   - Diagonal: 32" to 150".
   - Resolution: WXGA (1360x768p) to 4K (4096x2160p).
   - Screen Ratio: 17:9 to 16:9 .
   - Input Signals: DVI, HDMI, RGBHV, RGBs, Video Composite, S-Video,...
   - Output Signals: DVI, RGBHV, RGBs, Video Composite, S-Video,...
   - Control Mode: Remote Control IR, RS232 or LAN.